Lancaster Bible College 2022 Men Soccer Highlights

LBC Men Soccer 2022 Highlights.mp4

For God And Each Other

We play for God because He's worthy.

The Lord created us with the ability to play soccer and to enjoy the creativity, athleticism and relationships he has given us. Our purpose in everything we do is to worship him, to bring him glory, and to honor the gifts he has given us as his adopted sons and members of LBC Soccer.

As a team we honor Him on the field with great sportsmanship. We always endeavor to respect each other, our opponents, the officials and the laws of the game. We pray together before team activities to prepare our hearts for worshipping God on the field, and at the end of home games we offer to pray with our opponents.

We work hard together because we're never satisfied.

Being a part of LBC Men's soccer is a privilege that is earned through hard work and commitment. We are a brotherhood forged through long hours of work on the field, on the track, in the gym and in each other's lives. We constantly strive to improve the soccer program, the team, our brothers and ourselves.

The team at LBC is a tight group, we love each other and sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron. We intentionally cultivate strong relationships on the team in all our training which we do together, in team events, and through our team organization. Every player on the team is paired up with a "brother" and brothers are accountable to each other and look out for each other both on and off the field. The team is also organized into squads, which are led by captains who are responsible for cultivating a culture that is edifying and enriching.

We love the game because it's our joy and it's our challenge.

We love soccer. We love to be on the field enjoying the game, whether that's in a competitive match, pickup, or training, we are always excited to play. We aspire to play delightful, engaging soccer that is fun to be a play and watch. We embrace the challenge to overcome adversity whether it be injuries, tough losses, difficulty in team relationships, or not playing in a preferred role. We challenge ourselves to raise the standard of play whenever we are on the field.

We unite on and off the field because that's when we are at our best.

We are a team. That means we have all committed to working together towards a common goal and putting that mission and the needs of the team ahead of our own desires. We are committed to supporting each other, encouraging each other and developing strong relationships as we work towards our goals. We are united by our common purpose on the field and off the field. We live together, eat together, train together, study together and support each other through challenges and celebrate together in victories.